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Dr Sigdel is quoted in Foreign Policy – Washington DC – as saying on Nepal elections November 2022:

low turnover is due to “feeling of disenchantment because of leaders’ behavior who have always prioritized personal power rather than national interest …”

Dr Sigdel is quoted in Annapurna Express on Nepal elections, November 2022, as saying: “Emergence of a new equation in Nepali politics, especially one that carries a slightly anti-American tone, will continue to test American diplomacy in Nepal in the days ahead.”

Dr Sigdel quoted in Nepal’s Ekantipur.com – the largest newspaper of Nepal – on the increasing China-US great power competition in the context of Biden’s new NSS and China’s 20th party congress:

“China’s (mis-) calculation that post-2008 financial crisis the West is in decline and that China’s time has come to take the global leadership which the president Xi even further emphasized began to cause tension between the two powers”

Dr Sigdel’s interview on President-elect Joe Biden’s Asia policy and by extension Nepal policy at Nepal’s largest online outlet Onlinekhabar here and English version here

Dr Sigdel is quoted in The Annapurna Express, Kathmandu, as saying:“Latin American and Asian countries, especially China and India, are increasingly looking to deepen their economic, trade, investment and diplomatic as well as in some cases security and defense ties .. This could be an opportunity for Nepal.” “The increasing connectivity between the Americas and Asia is good news for Nepal as the country is well-known for its Himalayas and its rich culture throughout Latin America and the Caribbean…could easily extend their trip by a few days to come to Nepal.”Read the full article here: The Americas: much more than the US Dr Sigdel is quoted in South China Morning Post as saying:

Quoted in South China Morning Post, Dr. Sigdel: “The anti-Chinese activities will simply not resonate widely because there are not such dynamics in Nepal-China ties nor the border issues with China are politically or socially as consequential as those with India.”

Read the full article here: Nepal protesters burn Xi Jinping effigies over China’s alleged border encroachment

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